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Solutions Squad Inc [http://www.solutionssquad.com], a privately owned company is a reliable technical solutions company dedicated towards providing cost effective technical solutions for clients of any size and dedicated to customer support, dependable hardware, affordable solutions, and overall client satisfaction.

Through it’s global strength and expertise, Solutions Squad is dedicated to serve its technical experience to customers, offering the best valued services and solutions for all clients.

As technological options have become more complicated and as the number of high-tech options have grown, maintaining and correctly utilizing these options has become increasingly important to clients of all types.

Businesses and home users have realized that in order to properly utilize these options and ensure best performance, in-depth knowledge is not only a necessity, but mandatory. Solutions Squad with it’s staff proudly responds to this need utilizing the combined experience of over 25 years with absolute customer satisfaction as it’s primary goal.

Solutions Squad offers services including fully managed IT solutions, home and office telephone systems, audio and video systems, web site hosting and design, CCTV and security systems, consulting and training.

In the economy of today, the stability of many companies can be questioned. The IT services industry is just one of many that has companies failing and disappearing within this global market.

One factor contributing to this hard situation is the astounding amounts of debt that many companies acquire in order to support their operations. By utilizing the services of Solutions Squad, customers can rest easily and have peace of mind. Solutions Squad has no debt, a positive cash flow, and an extremely strong financial backing.

For these reasons, customers can be sure that with Solutions Squad, the fate of their IT requirements rests not in the hands of anonymous banks and investors, but with the people they interact with everyday, the members of our dedicated team.

Solutions Squad‘s commitment to customer service makes sure that it’s customers will have the best possible experience when they utilize our services. It is Solutions Squad‘s main scope to keep it’s customers happy all the time and to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.


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Managed IT Services

Stop stressing about downtime and unpredictable costs and start giving 100% of your time and energy to the work you do and growing your business instead. You can count on our knowledgeable team to manage your IT, get the job done – faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost!

Proactive Helpdesk

Tired of having no one to turn to for help? Solutions Squad offers proactive services, monitoring, helpdesk and more delivered by technical and business experts providing you with technical advice and support for servers, workstations, mobile devices, and line of business application . When you work with us, you will work with a dedicated IT team comprised of tech experts who act as your complete IT management solutions and support.

Mobile Device Management

Are mobile devices exposing your company's critical data to hackers? MDM is necessary for both corporate and employee-owned mobile devices to control access to and safeguard company data. If a smartphone, tablet or laptop is missing and it contains stored confidential data and/or it is able to access private company networks, your corporate data is at risk, Our team provides turnkey solutions for mobile device management devices that access your data.

Back-up and Business Continuity

What if you lost every byte you’ve worked so hard for and built? Losing data is the worst possible scenario and it can disrupt or cause irreversible loss to any business in an instant. Our integrated, end-to-end business continuity solutions ensure the protection and recovery of critical business data stored on Microsoft Windows servers and workstations so you rest easy and focus your attention where it belongs, on your business.

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