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If you need an online tool for a task related to mathematics, color, text and lists, numbers, date and time, or images, you can probably find it here.

Pine Tools has a broad selection of free online tools that make it a one stop site where you can accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Whether you’re working with text (reverse, convert to uppercase or lowercase), images (invert, resize, crop), lists (sort in alphabetical order, random sort), numbers (generate sequences, sort) and more there’s likely to be a tool you can use.

There are nine categories of tools, with several tools in each category: mathematics, colors, text and lists, numbers, date and time, images, randomness, files, and programming.

Mathematics tools include calculators (simple, area, percentage), trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, tangent) and single rule of three inverse and direct proportions.

Color tools: Pine Tools is best known for their image and color tools, for good reason. The list of tools for working with images and color is extensive and easy to use.
Get the colors of triad, tetrad, complementary, split complementary, and analogous monochrome colors. Get colors from an image or use the color picker. Generate random colors, invert a color, blend two colors, or change the saturation of a color. Generate monochromatic colors or shift the hue of a color or grayscale/desaturate a color.

Text tools include, reverse list, sort list, add text to each line, remove extra white spaces, empty lines and line breaks, remove duplicate lines, count letters and words, find and replace text and convert case are some of the available choices.

Numbers tools include sorting numbesr, filtering numbers, generating lists of numbers, finding the highest and lowest numbers. There’s a binary converter, hexadecimal converter, roman numeral converter and a number base convertor.

Date and time tools have a stopwatch and countdown timer and will also check differences between dates and times, add or subtract years, hours and more to a date, and date and time from/to Unix timestamp.

Image tools include the ability to resize, crop, and flip images as well as lighten, darken, change image exposure and saturation. Change brightness, contrast, vibrance, invert colors, adjust the hue, channel and gamma of an image. Effects include tilt shift, emboss, color emboss, vignette, solarize and posterizine images. You can add noise, clip, colorize, sharpen, round corners, pixelate and split images. Add a glow, blur (censor) an image, or apply a duotone effect. There are image gradient, radial and blurred frame generators. There’s also an SVG to PNG, BMP and JPEG image convertor.  

Randomness tools include generating random numbers, coin flipper, dice roller, password and random string generators, random color and bitmap generators, and more.

Files tools can split and join files, encode and decode base 64, generate a random or corrupt file and randomly corrupt an existing file.

Programming tools have a syntax highlighter, CSS, HTML and Javascript beautifiers, CSS inliner, a JSON formatter and a diff /compare file tool.

This is a solid collection of well thought out tools that work well, all in one spot. It’s a simple way to accomplish a variety of tasks in one spot instead of multiple sites and programs or apps.
Worth keeping on hand to use when you want something done fast with easy to use options.

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Still having trouble figuring out how to keep your technology in check and who to call to help manage your IT support?
Solutions Squad's professionals can help you Manage your IT properly.
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