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My Spyware Nightmare, Your Lesson

Have you asked yourself any of these questions lately?

1. Why is my brand new computer slowing down to a crawl?
2. Why is it taking so long to load a basic word processor?
3. Why do I have so many popups? Where are they coming from?
4. Why do I keep being sent to places I did not ask to go?
5. Where are these embarassing popups coming from? I never visit sites like that!

I did. I was ignorant. I was slow and it cost me a brand new computer. Here is my story.

A couple of years ago, we bought a new eMachine for my wife. She had just enrolled in school and needed something better for her school work. Prior to that, we had an older HP machine. I believe it was a pentium II. It worked pretty well, though a little slow. I wanted us to get another HP, but she wanted an eMachine. Her cousin had one and she thought it was good. I did not like eMachines a lot and did not think highly of them. She was bent on having one so we bought one.

With the arrival of the new computer, the HP was quickly abandoned. I was pretty much the only one that used it. Not because of my disdain for eMachine, but becasue the HP was more in a central location. Our three boys loved the new machine and spent quite some time on it. I was eventually won over to the eMachine and I must confess, it turned out to perform excellently well. It was good on speed and the resolution was great.

Several months down the road, I noticed how the new computer was slowing down. I knew in my mind it was the eMachine. They were no good. And then I thought it was the dial up connection. But I soon realized that it was also slow when I was offline. It was taking long to open up applications and even longer to load webpages. I also noticed there were strange windows openning up at the most awkward times. Some of the pages were to sites I would not ordinarily visit. May be the boys are going to places that we don’t know about. As a concerned parent, I asked them and they promptly denied. I was still not sure they did’nt. They were teenagers.

As time passed, it became more difficult to do anything on the eMachine. We gradually migrated back to the HP and there was no immediate need to find out what was wrong with it.

Finally, it was time to act. I was ready to find out what the problem was. I started asking questions and doing querries on google. I was encouraged to get a good popup blockers. I did and it did not do much. That computer was far gone and corrupted. I had waited too long. I was not sure what was going on and did not know where to ask. The warrantee on the computer had also expired.

One afternoon, I turned the computer on to take another look and was greeted by a blank screen. The monitor had also quit I said to myself. Now I knew almost for sure it was the eMachine. They were really no good. My wife disagreed. But to be sure, I hooked the monitor up to the HP and it came alive. So it was’nt eMachine after all. I was a little embarrassed.

I reconnected the monitor and rebooted and was again faced by a blank screen. The following week, I took the cpu to a repair and they told me the computer was dameged beyond repair. I retrived it and took it to a sencond repairman and it never came back.

You know, lightening they say does not strike the same spot twice. But spyware is different. It can strike the same spot many times. Early 2005, I bought another computer, having out grown the HP. Months latter, I noticed the same exact symptons that ruined the eMachine. The slow down, the multiple popups, redirects to undesirable websites, they were all there. This time I did not wait. That afternoon I was frantic. I began searching for a quick answer. It was not until late that night that I found a product that worked for me. And once I found the right solution, spyware was no longer an issue to me.

Spyware can make your online experience a nightmare if you are not forward thinking about internet security. The good news is that there are plenty of products out there that can cure that effectively.

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