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If your hard drive is sluggish or you’re getting a 100% disk usage error, one of these nine tips could solve the problem.

Is your hard disk drive is in good shape but acting sluggish or slow and the hard drive seems to be working overtime? Are you getting disk usage errors? If so, one of these nine tips could fix the issue.

While this article has tips for the Windows 10 100% disk usage error message, most of these tips work fine on Windows 8.1. One of these tips cleared up an issue I was having on my Windows 8.1 system. Here’s a list of the tips in the article:

  • Turn off Windows Search
  • Turn off Superfetch
  • Run the Checkdisk command
  • Reset virtual memory
  • Temporarily disable Windows Defender or antivirus
  • Clear Cache and Temp files
  • Change Skype settings
  • Turn off Google Chrome prefetch setting
  • Disable Windows Tips

I was having an issue where the activity on my system was pausing before restarting a few minutes later.
I wasn’t getting an error message but everything would be suspended. The mouse and keyboard wouldn’t work, but the hard drive was working fast. In a few minutes the system would start working again. Hard drive testing found no issues. I worked my way down the list (omitting Skype and Windows Tips) and resetting the virtual memory worked to solve the issue. These tips are easy to follow and one of them might work for you. Complete directions for each tip with step by step screenshots are at the article:

9 Ways to Solve 100% Disk Usage Error in Windows 10

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