Vernon Communications acquisition announced
Infinity Technology is a retail store in downtown Viroqua that opened in 2010 and offers consumer electronics, computer repair, training and business technical solutions, such as IT systems, networking and troubleshooting. The acquisition of Infinity …
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Israeli Startup Fixico Offers Automatic PC Repair
If you ever have problems with your desktop computer, that is if you still use one, Israeli Startup Fixico has some help for you. It offers a service by which all of your home computers can be protected from virus and other threats while having their …
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An Individual's Information Security Checklist
There have been many instances where individuals have brought their laptops and other devices to a local computer repair shop for service only to find out the operator of the store secretly stole their data. Use care when granting a computer or …
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Chevy, Howie Long Take A Swing At Ford F-150 Repair Time & Costs In Latest
Chevy then presents an independent test from a company, AMCI, to show exactly how much high-strength steel was less costly and quicker to repair than aluminum after the same kind of damage to both trucks. In the end, the F-150, with its aluminum body …
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