Information Technology help for the new norm

Managed Technology

Unless you’re an Information Technology service provider, dealing with IT is not in your job description. So why is it that you’re constantly finding yourself distracted, putting out fires, and dealing with nagging technology issues?


We design, implement and manage secured business systems, networks and cloud. When you are managed by us, you have access to trained and certified professionals who have a vested interest in helping secure, protect and grow your network and business.

Business Sustainibility

When the inevitable is approaching, you need to concentrate on taking care of your staff, customers and business. Backing up your data or virtualizing your whole office should not be a stress point.


Every network and business environment we design has secured redundancy at its core. Both locally and in the cloud.
This can help you and your staff be available to perform their duties from practically anywhere and at any time, and keeping the business going.

Proactive Helpdesk

Tired of having no one to turn to for help? Solutions Squad offers proactive services, monitoring, helpdesk and more delivered by technical and business experts providing you with technical advice and support for servers, workstations, mobile devices, and line of business application . When you work with us, you will work with a dedicated IT team comprised of tech experts who act as your complete IT management solutions and support.

Your Virtual CIO

Your vCIO is available to you as a member of your executive team.

responsible for aligning technology strategy with business strategy.
regular intervals?
based on actual data related to your company’s systems
maximize both productivity and security
based on the actual impact it would have on your business, and help you prioritize it based on your budget and other key needs you may have.
make such recommendations with your budget in mind, and will help you strategize by pointing out which recommendations will have the most impact on your business and your goals, and which ones can wait till a later date.

Solutions Squad Inc Managed IT Support and Security
Your company vision doesn’t include hours, days & nights figuring out the best I.T solutions.
That’s okay, ours does!
We provide peace of mind by delivering award winning managed I.T & security to organization that wish to spend less time managing their technology and more time benefiting from I.T.
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